No Amount of Trans Fat Safe: FDA Proposes Ban

SpoonFed: Via LA Times

By Tenny Tatusian

The FDA announcement Thursday that it was moving to eliminate added trans fat from processed food means that microwave popcorn, frozen pizza, refrigerated dough, cookies and ready-to-use frostings are too much of a health risk. Yes, even that coffee creamer is trying to kill you.

[Updated 12:39 p.m.: FDA officials say this move can prevent as many as 7,000 deaths and 20,000 heart attacks a year. If it’s successful in banning trans fats altogether, the FDA will eliminate scant amounts that still show up in foods. Manufacturers don’t have to identify trans fats when foods contain less than .5 grams of the oils. [...] read more


LA Times – Sarah Hashim-Waris reports more on this story in this video.

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