April Fools Day Pranks: Fool them with Sweet Candy Sushi

SpoonFed: Via Babble


April Fools’ is this Friday, April 1st. Trickery will be abound on this day. Instead of the usual suspects: bad jokes or lame tricks, how about fool them with a sweet candy sushi tray instead. All you’ll need is a trip down the candy aisle and you’re all set.

You can let your imagination run wild with this but for our sweet candy sushi we picked up: fruit roll ups, Rice Krispy treats, gummy worms, orange slices, and chocolate syrup {for the “soy” sauce of course}

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What you’ll need: {amounts will depend on how much sweet candy sushi you want to make}
Fruit Roll Ups
Rice Krispie Treats
gummy worms
candy orange slices
chocolate syrup

What to do:
To make sweet candy sushi rolls: 
1. Unroll your fruit roll up.

2. Place 2 individual Rice Krispie Treats{unwrapped} into microwave, on a microwave safe plate. Heat for approximately 5-10 seconds OR just long enough for them to get pliable.

3. Place Rice Krispie treat in the middle of fruit roll up. Form into a horizontal line.

4. Place 3 gummy worms onto Rice Krispie Line. Top with additional Rice Krispie Treat.

5. Carefully roll fruit roll up over itself as tightly as possible forming a log, removing plastic wrap from fruit roll up as you go.

6. Roll the log back and forth to ensure you have a perfectly round log. Using a sharp knife, cut roll into slices.

To plate: serve with chocolate syrup for “soy sauce”

To make sweet sushi nigri:
1. Once Rice Krispie treat is pliable, break off enough so it fits between your thumb and index finger. Form into an oval.

2. Place a slice of candy orange on top. Fold a small strip of fruit roll up around to secure.