Buy a Stranger’s Leftovers: Genius or Gross?

2008_12_4-Leftovers2Buy a Stranger’s Leftovers: Genius or Gross?

Similar to companies like, a car share program and, pier-to-pier accommodations booking, Share Your Meal enables users to find and purchase leftovers from nearby neighbors. Genius or Gross?

It’s pretty simple in terms of sign up and searching for leftovers. The site mirrors the friendly look and feel of other familiar social networks and lets you search members profiles and ratings. On a surface level it appears very useful and maybe even a good way to meet other foodies in the neighborhood…But…

A few questions come to mind:


Restaurants have mandatory health inspections and must acquire licenses for their kitchen and food manager certifications prior to selling food. Even caterers must go through the process of having their kitchen certified and passing the food managers test. So how can it be legal to sell leftovers from your fridge?

2) What happens if someone gets sick or poisoned?

3) Does this mean you have to go to a stranger’s house to pick up their old food or do you let them come to your house to drop it off?

4) Do you have to follow up to give back plates and tupperware?


Here is one of my favorite annexes from their terms and conditions.

“2.1.2 Shareyourmeal is not responsible for the actions of cooks and foodies. This includes the preparation of the meal (hygiene), the price of the meal and how personal information is handled. Any responsibility for indirect and consequential damage, such as company damage, loss of profit, damage due to leaking of confidential information, of cooks and foodies is out of the question.”

If you’re still game to give this a try then you’re in luck! They are launching in the US and already have a handful of users here in Los Angeles.