How To Carve A Turkey

The Pros agree, tableside service may look picturesque but you get more meat if you carve before you serve.

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” The Butcher Carves A Turkey”


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1. Separate the whole leg from the body by slicing along the seam of the breast and thigh until you reach the joint.

2. Gripping the whole leg firmly with your hand, pull it back until the thigh bone pops away from the joint; cut through at the joint to release the thigh and leg.
3. Separate the drumstick from the thigh: use your fingers to find the joint between the thigh and the leg and cut through the joint with the knife. Carve the thigh by slicing parallel to the bone. Carve the drumstick by holding it upright and slicing perpendicular to the bone.
4. Separate a breast half: [...] read more

SpoonFed: Via “Recipes Every Man Should Know”

by Susan Russo and Brett Cohen