Digital Bytes For Foodies, NYT R&D Lab Demos “Julia”

New York Times prepares for its mid-2014 digital paid products launch, as part of its Paywall 2.0 “premium tier”. Julia, one of the new digital premium suite developed by New York Times R&D Lab, is a very interesting and powerful “environmental computing” system.

Ken Doctor of the  Nieman Journalism Lab reported:

Michael Zimbalist‘s R&D staff demoed “Julia”  last week. Julia (check out the demo here) is a magical Internet tablet, using gestural and voice interfaces to use tablet-like content and then see ingredients displayed on the countertop.

The R&D Lab describes Julia as “an experiment to think about how usage data and sensor data could be tied into a feedback loop between a publisher and its users to improve future offerings.” Julia may not be ready for prime time — or kitchens may not be ready for it — by mid-2014, but it’s the kind of wow that could get people to buy, much as the new Mayday feature on the Kindle Fire HDX is doing. Sometimes you sell the steak, and sometimes you sell the sizzle. What will be the Times’ sizzle here and in the other products? [...] read more

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