Dinner + Movie: This is The End & Rustic Canyon

DINNER: Rustic Canyon

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If you haven’t tried the olive oil-poached Halibut yet then you have a wonderful treat just waiting for you my friend. Absolutely “ta die faw” as my (New York native / Florida retired) aunt would say. And if there’s one thing New Yorkers and Floridians can come to the table on, it’s good fish.

The creamy accoutrement of potato, corn and fresh shelling beans makes me think of a gourmet version of succotash. I’m always amazed at how Rustic Canyon manages to scratch that itch for something new while evoking a sense of nostalgia…truly rustic elegance.


Movie: This is The End

AMC Loews Broadway 4

It’s here? It’s gone? It’s The World’s End? No it’s back in theaters! And Seriously…This is The End…it’s a head scratcher right?

Dear studios, here’s an idea…don’t launch simultaneous ad campaigns for two big “end of the word” comedies with similar names and then you won’t have to re-release one of them to make back the money you lost on confusing the hell out of everybody!

Halfway through “The World’s End” I was asking myself these two questions:

1)    Where the heck is Seth? and 2)    Is this a movie about a pub-crawl or is the world going to start ending at some point in the movie?!

I don’t know if it’s any good because I haven’t seen it yet but, I for one will be checking out This is the End starring my favorite nerd, Seth Rogen. Not sure how long it will be back in theaters so catch it while you can!

UPDATED: September 7, 2013

Um…Yeah…Hilarious movie but…not for the kids! Written and directed by Seth Rogen, might could have used a voice of reason / leash / editor! There are a few scenes that make you  cringe and shake your head. Felt a bit like Seth is processing some confusion about his sexual identity, which it totally fine…but the!…and then the!…and then the last *$&^% with the $&*#$!! uhll…(dry heaving sounds)..too much Seth…TOO MUCH.


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