Downtown L.A. Welcomes Chef Jimmy Shaw’s Newest Restaurant, Torta Company


Story and Photos by Danilo Martinez

I recently had the chance to talk with Chef Jimmy Shaw about his latest project, Torta Company. The new restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown L.A. at FIGat7th and is situated next to another of Chef Shaw’s popular modern mexican restaurants, Loteria!.

As you might imagine, the Torta Company specializes in tortas. Never heard of a torta?  Let me explain. It’s a hearty sandwich often filled with beans and meat and topped with avocado and tomato, making it the perfect lunchtime meal and popular food truck item.

The new restaurant will begin with a menu of ten main tortas which will include a dessert torta as well as  the familiar steak, chicken, and pulled pork sandwiches. But, in true Loteria! fashion, Chef Shaw wanted to include something off the beaten path like his torta of pescado veracruzano, battered and fried snapper with veracruz tomato sauce topped with plantains and jalapeños. Not your run of the mill tortas by a long shot!

Chef Shaw makes all his bread fresh in-house, staying true to the traditional technique used in Mexico for more than a century. When I asked him what his vision is for Torta Company he replied,

“To elevate Mexican cuisine, using quality and locally farmed ingredients, beyond your typical street food. I wanted to make a place where other native Mexicans  like myself and my friends can find the varied flavors of the Mexico we know. The flavors we grew up with.”

The overarching theme of Loteria! Grill and Torta Company is to expand the current flavor pallet of what is currently known of Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles. Delivering both ingredients and techniques not commonly seen beyond the southern parts of Mexico, Loteria! Grill and Torta Company at 7th and Fig is a must try for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Mexico.

Torta Company is located at 735 Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA, 90017. For more information visit them at