“Drink & Drive Safely” Rick Berman on Framing The Debate

Rock The Obstacles Lunch

“Why can’t we say Drink & Drive Safely?” Rick Berman on frame the debate. As the conversations moves from the hot topic of minimum wage and alleged union perception of “wage theft”, Rick Bergman steals the show with this one slide and the question “why can’t we say drink and drive safely?”

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Berman’s point was to examine how absence of voice/participation in the conversation can negatively influence public opinion and the importance of being proactive in framing the debate. While many may disagree with the concept of drinking and driving safely, Berman certainly drove home the need to be involved in the conversation.

In another bit of showmanship, he played a commercial produced by Nascar promoting MArijuana being a safer choice than alcohol. Berman went on to explain how this has a subtle message that id very destructive to the alcohol beverage industry.


Americans love the restaurant industry,  so why does public sentiment continue to shift towards laws and regulations that will materially increase the cost of doing business?  Join Rick Berman, Jot Condie, and Riley Lagesen for a robust conversation on the state of the industry and what it will take to create a more restaurant-friendly legislative and regulatory landscape.

Panelist: Rick Berman,  President, Berman and Company; Jot Condie, CEO, California Restaurant Association