El Nosh? Hot Food Trends For 2014

130222_uni_nosh_wmain Consultants Baum+Whiteman say that concepts of luxury thread through top dining trends: tasting menus running $1,000 for two, haute chicken priced like steak, upscale food halls, bespoke spices … even theatrical and sci-fi effects changing the global dining scene by bombarding customers’ senses. Department stores jumping back into the restaurant biz. Hipster Asian and Jewish fusion getting traction. Smart money placing bets on better-for-you dining. Tasting menus trickling into mid-price markets. Flocks of beverage trends from fast food to cocktail lounges. Taking another look at Mid-East food trends.

  1. Jewish fusion
  2. Popup restaurants
  3. Single-item restaurants (like the Ramen Burger)
  4. Tasting only menus
  5. The Haute Chicken

BUZZWORDS FOR 2014: Boneless lamb neck. Filipino food. High-proof spirits. Sweetbreads make a comeback. Buckwheat is grain of the year … even if it’s not a grain. Fluke is fish of the year … octopus second … trout third. Kale still rules but cauliflower’s working forward. Consumers’ newfound protein obsessions. House-made fruit vinegars for vinaigrettes and cocktails. Teres major (look it up). High-priced vegetarian tasting menus. House-fermented food. New uses for pretzels. Chicken skin. Crackdown on food waste. Hipster Asian restaurants.  Jewish fusion. Coconut everything. Mexican sandwiches … tortas and cemitas. Sweetened and flavored whiskeys. Made-to-order liquid nitro ice cream. Jerusalem artichokes. Paleo dieters add to gluten-free demand. Delivery, high-priced and fast food. Smart phones, tablet computers speed ordering and payment, cut service staff. Shakshuka (look that up, too) will appear on breakfast and brunch menus. Sorghum becomes a trendy sweetener. [...] read more