FAIL: $20 White Truffle Doughnut


The new kid on the food-craze block is a white truffle doughnut. It lacks the fatty, sweet appeal of it’s predecessor, The Cronut, and has a pretty big barrier to mass appear with it’s $20 per doughnut price tag. Another setback for the wouldbe gourmands junk-food is the lack of a catchy name. “Truffnut” just doesn’t roll off the tongue, no pun intended.

SpoonFed: Via Food Beast

Fancier than a cronut and significantly more expensive at $20 a pop, the yeast based doughnut is literally dripping in white truffle syrup, three grams white truffle shavings, fleur del sel and Valrona chocolate shavings. The doughnut is the result of a collaboration between Do-Rite chefs and Rodrick Markus, owner of Lakerview’s Rare Tea Cellar made it’s Chicago debut on Wednesday, December 11. Chef Harris D’Antignac has high expectations for his new creation, “Hopefully we’ve got ourselves the next cronut.” [...] read more