Flour Made From Insects, Fake Eggs and Lab Grown Sausage, The New Breakfast of Champions

Flour Made From Insects Will Feed Underfed Populations

Could the breakfast of the future be plant based synthetic eggs with pancakes made of grasshoppers and a sausage patty that was grown in a Petri dish? Sure…why not.

From fake eggs to insect flour, seems like everyone is trying to solve the world problem of producing foods high in proteins and low in cost.

SpoonFed: Via ABC News

A team of MBA students were the recipients of the 2013 Hult Prize earlier this week, providing them with $1 million in seed money to produce an insect-based, protein-rich flour for feeding malnourished populations in other countries. The product is called Power Flour.

“It’s a huge deal because we had a very ambitious but highly executable five-year plan in place,” said team captain Mohammed Ashour, whose team hails from McGill University in Montreal. “So winning this prize is a great step in that direction.”

Ashour, along with teammates Shobhita Soor, Jesse Pearlstein, Zev Thompson and Gabe Mott, will be immediately working with an advisory board to recruit farmers and workers in Mexico, where a population of roughly 4 million live in slum conditions with widespread malnutrition.

“We will be starting with grasshoppers,” Ashour said. [...] KEEP READING