Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gives Extra Charge to Angelenos

SpoonFed: Via PR Newswire

Duracell Powermat Launches Wireless Smartphone Charging Pilot Program with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

The Wireless Power Provider and Specialty Coffee and Tea Retailer Team Up to Provide a Comprehensive Mobile Phone Charging Solution for On-The-Go Consumers

 Powermat Technologies today launched a pilot program with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to bring Duracell Powermat wireless phone charging to consumers in the Los Angeles area. Starting today, customers who visit select locations of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® can charge their mobile phones through Duracell Powermat’s innovative and user-friendly platform for free.

Customers of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in these test locations will also be the first to experience the new Duracell Powermat Powermatrix™ App. Available at the iTunes Store and Google Play, the new app aids consumers in finding locations that are enabled with Power Matters Alliance (PMA) technology so they can always know how close they are to the next recharging opportunity.  The App will also enable customers to purchase Duracell Powermat accessories online.

“We’re excited to bring wireless power technology to our customers,” said Mel Elias, President & CEO, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. ”This will be a great additional convenience for our customers; now they will be able to recharge their phones while enjoying our beverages.”

“We are delighted to work with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to offer real workable wireless charging installations to their consumers,” said Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat Technologies.  “We have a growing list of partners that are using our technology to ensure consumers are never powerless and we are thrilled to add The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to the family.” [...] read more

CBTL locations in the L.A. Area that are offering the free charge program

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