Hottest Ice Cream on the Beach Now Available in Whole Foods Markets

Beachy Comp

Story and Photos by M. Louie

When you walk in the door, your senses are immediately sent into a disorienting swirl of anachronisms: sherbet colored posters against parlor striped walls, old-school punk ripping through the speakers, Betty Page style pin up girls with a roller derby twist and the cherry on top… a sign that reads “Lick, Bite, Smile, Repeat”…Welcome to Beachy Cream.

This is not your mom’s ice cream parlor. When founder Ann Ryan started her company in 2009, she had a mission to create an organic ice cream with vibrant flavors that hit the mouth with a punch.   With little more than a used ice cream maker she bought off Craigslist, she built Beachy Cream into a local flav-orite and in 2012 was able to open her flagship shop at 1209 Wilshire.

Just one year later, Beachy Cream kicks-off 2014 with its debut in select Whole Foods Markets. Although you’ll still have to visit the shop for fan-favorites like “Whiskey Walnut” and the ever-popular ice cream sandwiches, Whole Foods will be carrying a wide variety of the flavor-packed ice cream.

One of my personal favorites is the Banana Ice Cream. The flavor is so intense it’s more like rich, creamy essence of banana. Eat it straight out of the pint or try my mashup:

  1. Get a pint of Beachy Cream Banana
  2. Take it home and let it sit on the counter for about 20 minutes (long enough to get super soft)
  3. Take a spoonful of Laura Scudders crunchy peanut butter and melt it down (stovetop or microwave)
  4. Pour it over a few scoops of Beachy Cream Banana
  5. Eat the whole thing
  6. Go to the gym

Beachy Cream is located at 1209 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA. Visit them online at

Local Whole Foods Markets now carrying Beachy Cream Ice Cream Pints: