Jewish Fusion On The Rise: El Nosh

The name of the pop-up is a play on the Yiddish word for snack (nosh), only with an ñ added for Latin flair. “Cause nothing says Latino like a big ñ,” says Chef Treviño, the Latin side of the equation.

On the menu: gefilte fish tacos, pastrami and dill pickle croquetas, and mole-braised brisket with sweet plantain kugel and cilantro salad. This isn’t your abuela’s or bubbe’s cooking.

If you see a bright teal-colored food truck cruising around Los Angeles with a picture of a man in a sombrero next to a hasidic Jewish man, don’t be alarmed. It is, of course, the latest L.A. food truck.

The El Nosh Latin Delicatessen food truck is the brain child of chef Eric Greenspan (The Foundry, The Roof) and Robert Trevino (owner of five restaurants in Puerto Rico), and they plan on serving Latin-Jewish fusion food.  [LAT]

Learn how to make a lox quesadilla the El Nosh way.