JOSIE2424 Pico Blvd | Santa Monica | (310) 581-9888
Chef Josie’s alluringly uncomplicated menu is a reflection of her healthy approach to eating as well as her flair for flavor-rich combinations. She has orchestrated an original melody of classic cuisine and comfort foods, ranging from the enticing Pan-Seared Duck with Savory Hawthorn Berry Sauce to the homey rib-eye steak with Pop’s Peppercorn Sauce.
Her eye for variety and quality is readily apparent in her ingredients; The hazelnuts in her roasted beet salad are organically grown in Oregon. The wild rice is hand-harvested from a lake that has never been touched by a motorboat. And the elk comes from a ranch in the Rockies that prides itself on a “no stress’ policy towards animals.
Chef Le Balch’s unique concept of culinary harmony resonates in Ralph Gentile and Sophie Harvey’s interior design. The interplay of the rustic and the refined is evident in every room. From the sand-blasted wooden ceiling beams and the modern skylight to the hand-crafted stone hearth and the tailored lines of the furnishings, the ambiance is a mixture of old country warmth and clean, contemporary sophistication, a perfect palette for Le Balch’s imaginative menu.
It has been said that Josie has always had “one foot in the old world and the other in the new.” And with the opening of Josie Restaurant, diners now have the best of both!