Judge Orders Sriracha Factory To Cool It


For those of us who love the delicious Sriracha sauce A.K.A Rooster Sauce, this decision is heartbreaking but understandable. After All, what would you do if a company down the street started filling the air with a kind of pepper gas?

SpoonFed: Via NPR

Peppered with complaints from citizens about burning eyes, sore throats and headaches, city officials in Irwindale, Calif., went to court to see if they could do something about smells coming from a factory that produces Sriracha hot sauce.

Now, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has said the factory must partially shut down while the city and Huy Fong Foods try to address the issue. According to the Los Angeles Times, though, “the injunction does not order the company to stop operating entirely, or specify the types of actions that are required.”

The Associated Press and the Times say Huy Fong Foods did not immediately respond to requests for comment.