Kroger’s Mobile Strategy Stands Out With Focus On Loyalty, Personalized Coupons

A new report from Placed finds that during the month of November, the grocery store chain was visited by more smartphone-owning moms than any other grocery chain. With moms increasingly enlisting their mobile devices to help plan meals and grocery lists, store and redeem coupons, as well as support their visits to stores, Kroger is leading other grocery stores in delivering services that meet this important segment’s needs.


“Kroger, Safeway and Aldi make up the largest grocery stores in the United States based on foot traffic, so it isn’t a surprise that rank carries over for moms,” said David Shim, CEO/founder of Placed, Seattle.

“These most trafficked grocers are investing in mobile, with four-star apps on Android and iOS, which is simplifying and improving the shopping experience for smartphone moms,” he said.

“To contrast the three largest grocers, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s significantly under index for moms, and when you look at the app experiences, you see no apps [or] limited apps.”

Kroger’s mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

The app lets consumers create an account that can be used to access digital coupons, refill prescriptions and manage their fuel points at gas stations.

The app also includes a store locator and mobile-exclusive promotions.

Last May, Kroger updated its app so that shoppers could easily access their loyalty information (see story).

During Kroger’s second-quarter earning results call in September, the grocery chain played up digital in helping the brand drive revenue.

At the time of the company’s Q2 results call, Kroger claimed that its app was in the top 2 percent of most downloaded apps in Apple’s App Store.