Live From Restaurant High


restaurant High’s – Rock the Obstacles working lunch. Photo By Danilo Martinez

Story By Maggie Louie

Photos By Danilo Martinez

Restaurant High is in full swing – the last roundtable session begin in minutes. Two full decked out conference rooms look more like the setting of a rock concert than a food conference, but  Chef’s are the “other” rockstar, after all! And following along that thread, the conference rooms are aptly named “The Billboard Room” and the  ”Rolling Stone Room”.


Phillip Cummins, Partner at Innovative Dining Group. Photo By Danilo Martinez

One breakout session of great interest to Phillip Cummins, Partner with Innovative Dining Group was on the topic of employee comp. ” Trying to find the balance between group compensation and individual compensation. It’s very different than say a decade ago when we were all focused on how one particular manager was doing in relation to another and not so much on how can we leverage the entire team. The forward thinking is incentivizing  collaboration over competition.It’s all about the team and a group effort” said Cummins. Third round of session to being shortly following lunch catered by Mendocino Farms.


Photo By Danilo Martinez


Lunch provided by Mendocino Farms. Photo By Danilo Martinez