Lollyphile Novelty lollipops Blue Cheese Absinthe Breast Milk

SpoonFed: Via HuffPo

Jason Darling, the co-owner behind novelty sticky pop company Lollyphile, thinks you should. Darling started Lollyphile with his girlfriend, Maria, after he realized in 2007 that his homemade, absinthe-flavored lollipops were making waves at parties.

From there, Lollyphile has ventured into even more adventurous territory, and the company now makes a range of crazy flavors. Breast milk lolly, anyone?

Excerpt from HuffPo’s interview with Jason Darling:

Your lollipops are pretty unusually flavored — absinthe, sriracha, wasabi and ginger. How do you figure out if people will like a particular sucker flavor?

The best focus group is drunk strangers, because they’re not going to hold back. I’ll be like “Do you want to try a breast milk lollipop or a blue cheese lollipop or a siracha lollipop?” And whereas most people would be like, “No,” drunk people will be like, “Why not?”

But you also made a pop that tastes like breast milk.

Breast Milk lollipop

My girlfriend and I had three friends who had babies at the same time, and Maria was like, “Breast milk must taste amazing,” because I’d be holding a baby and it would be screaming and I’d pass it to its mom and she’d plug it in and it would be totally content. And I was like, “Can I get some of that?” So we tasted some [breast milk], and it was really good, so we started working on getting the flavor right. [...] read more

Spoon West FYI: No they do not use real breast milk in the lollipops!