Restaurant Marketing: Turning the Volume to 11

Expert panelist: Joel Pulliam, CMO, Fishbowl; Gantry Praw, CMO, The Veggie Grill; Matt Hood, CMO, Cooper’s Hawk; Nadia Al-Amir, Managing Partner, Wagstaff Worldwide (AKA “The Band”) discuss most effective marketing strategies, with emphasis on “Food-in-Mouth”  marketing.


There are no shortages of new ways to spend marketing dollars – social, mobile, apps, and CRM are all finding their way into budgets and plans. Yet at the same time, same store sales growth is lagging for many operators.  What’s working, what’s not? Where are they placing their bets for 2014? How are they measuring new types of investments? And how are their marketing organizations changing?

The panelist can all agree that social is king, digital media and blogging paramount and traditional media might just be dead. While most are spending on advertising and PR firms, few are spending on traditional media like.

Relevant Mobile and Fishbowl for email, and PR agency. Partnering with industry experts was critical for us.Gantry Praw

“We arent investing in traditional media. Social is the biggest driver of “Food-in-mouth” marketing for Veggie Grill – Using gamification rewards to driver referral and ‘likes’” says Gantry Praw , CMO, The Veggie Grill.

Nadia Al-Amir, Managing Partner, Wagstaff Worldwide says that ”We brought in a social media expert, but beyond Social, PR is still a very big part of it.  Another important factor is change. Know that what we know today is going to change and you have to be ready to rethink your strategy at all times.”

Al-Amir also points out that service expectations from consumers now reaches beyond the four walls of the restaurant, “if a customers feedback on digital platforms goes unaddressed, that has a big impact on their feeling about the overall service.”


Speakers: Matt Hood, CMO, Cooper’s Hawk; Nadia Al-Amir, Managing Partner, Wagstaff Worldwide

Takeaways for restaurants is looking to juice up their marketing:

  • Get involved with social media
  • Invest in digital media like email marketing and social media
  • Consult with a publicist/PR group
  • Define measurable goals and track related, social engagement and growth in followers and likes
  • Focussed on the analytics and tying the metrics back to the effort and the consumer actions