Sang Yoon


Sang Yoon | Executive Chef & Owner | Father’s Office
Sang Yoon is a restaurateur, chef and owner of Father’s Office gastropub which has locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California.

Yoon is of Korean and Russian ancestry and is infamous for allowing no substitutions or alterations of any type on the food served at Father’s Office. Yoon cooked gourmet California cuisine at Michael’s restaurant in Santa Monica, California when the urge to open his own place hit, he took over a small local bar called Father’s Office and added his own touches.
In addition to Father’s Office, Yoon is known for being the inventor of the Office Burger, which Esquire Magazine called one of the best burgers in the world.

In 2011 Yoon opened Lukshon, an Asian themed restaurant next door to Father’s Office Culver City location.