Featured Chef – Shigefumi Tachibe

Shigefumi Tachibe

Shigefumi Tachibe | Corporate Executive Chef | CHAYA 

Shigefumi Tachibe began his formal culinary training at the age of 15 in Nagasaki, Japan, where he was schooled in formal French technique. Italian cuisine would next capture his imagination, and, at the age of 21, he moved to Italy to expand upon his growing interest in European cooking and cuisine where he worked as a chef in Milan.

When he returned to Japan, Tachibe brought the skills he learned abroad to the role of executive chef of La Maré de Chaya in Hayama, owned by the legendary Tsunoda family, who were known for their 390-year history of operating tea houses and restaurants throughout Japan. There, he applied his technique to Japanese cuisine to create the kind of fusion cuisine that would eventually change the culinary landscape in America.

In 1981, Yuji Tsunoda expanded the Chaya brand to the United States, opening La Petite Chaya in Los Angeles. Tachibe was the chef he appointed to run the kitchen at the innovative Franco-Japonaise eatery.

After the success of La Petite Chaya, the restaurant group expanded in California, opening Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills (1984), followed by critically acclaimed Chaya restaurants in Venice (1990), San Francisco (2000), and Downtown L.A. (2009). Tachibe has overseen the delicious flavors and creations of each restaurant as the Executive Corporate chef of the CHAYA restaurant group.

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