Breaking Booze: Great Spicy Margarita Recipe for Tonight’s Episode!

Spicy Margarita Recipe
Breaking Booze: Great Spicy Margarita Recipe

Looking for something with a little kick for tonight’s episode of breaking bad? Try this Spicy Margarita!

What was the inspiration for the spicy margarita?
The margarita is a poolside (what the heck is going to happen in the pool?) summer classic. With the twist of added spice and a pinch of cilantro, it gives it that kick that reminds you where the margarita was invented.

Do you consider yourself a chemist, a bartender or both?
I feel the term “mixologist” is thrown around lightly. I do mix drinks but I am a bartender first. A mixologist is a scientific term given to a person that just mixes cocktails; a bartender engages with the guest and puts on a show.

What kind of ice do you use or recommend using?
Different kinds of ice should be used for different cocktails. My recommendation would be cold draft ice because of the mold that is used, which slows down the dilution and gives longevity to your cocktail.