Sriracha-Maker Given More Time To Contain Spicy Fumes

SpoonFed: Via NPR


Wednesday night, after a contentious hearing, Irwindale’s city council decided to give Huy Fong a bit more time to figure out how to contain those fumes.

The Sauce America’s Hot For

The hot sauce for hipsters (and the rest of us), Sriracha (the first “r” is silent) has gotten widespread national attention since some Irwindale residents complained. They say that when the red jalapenos that give the sauce its distinctive color are crushed, the fumes from the chilies become a big problem. Last fall, during grinding season, Yolanda Wested told CBS News she couldn’t stay outside.

“We had a bridal shower, we had to have the guests go inside, because they were choking, hacking, it was right in the throat,” said Wested.

The people who have complained say during the 12-week period in which Huy Fong Foods grinds its fresh jalapenos, the air is downright dangerous. But not everyone agrees. I don’t smell any,” says Young Whang, the proprietor of a liquor store right across from Huy Fong headquarters. “I came to my customer, I ask her sometime [...] read more