Starbucks Puts a Fork In It

SpoonFed: Via LinkedIn

Starbucks, the coffee mega-chain, might finally be getting into the actual and real food business. They’ve done it by admitting they don’t know how, and letting the people who do have at it, and have access to their mammoth customer base. Will it work? We’ll see.

La Boulange is a bakery company that really does know how to create and consistently make and bake really delicious, fairly traditional foods in a generally French style that Americans usually come to enjoy. Hedging my bets, I add these qualifiers because their launch has been mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area, long known for a love of most things French and foodism, in many forms. Starbucks bought the company, brought along the founder and seems to be letting him do what he does: make food. [...] read more

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