Truffle Pizza by CAFE del REY


Pizza Dough
10.25 Cups of Water
6 OZ Olive Oil
3 OZ Sugar
1 OZ Yeast
9.5 lbs Caputo Flour
3 OZ Salt

Mix water, sugar, yeast, oil for 15 minutes. Add flour and salt with dough hook for 25 minutes, pull out and let rest for 20 minutes. Chill.

Truffle Cream
1.5 QT Sliced Shallots
.5 Cups Garlic
1 QT Brandy
1 GAL Cream
2 EA Canned Truffle

Sweat the shallots and garlic with a little bit of Salt. Deglaze with Brandy and cook it down by half. Add white wine and cook down liquid until a ¼ remains. Add the gallon of cream and canned truffles and adjust seasoning. If the canned Truffle is oil base use the whole thing; If water based, discard all liquid before adding to the mixture.

Onion Compote
40 Onions
.25 cups Olive Oil

Cut all the Onions into thin julienne and cook very slow for three house or until soft and caramelized.