Website Lets You Compare Restaurant Fat Stats

Ever wonder how your favorite fast-food chains health stats compare?

SpoonFed: Via NPR

MenuStat, launched Thursday, aggregates information about the calories, fat, sodium and more in over 35,000 menu items at major chain restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and Qdoba. It also allows users to compare items from different restaurants and see how they have changed, nutritionally, over time.

The concept isn’t new. MenuStat pulls its information from data on 66 restaurant websites that’s already publicly available. (Sites like Eat This Not That and MyFitnessPal already do this, too.)


Dr. Thomas Farley, the Health commissioner, asserted that MenuStat is different from other nutrition-based sites as it provides time-stamped nutrition al information so users can assess changes over time, the New York Post reported.

The site, which needed 80,000 dollars for its set up, also provides easy-to-use tools for comparisons and analysis, Farley added. (ANI)