Why Wine Making Rocks

SpoonFed: Via Gourmet

Geoff Nicholson tunes in to rock stars, including Dave Matthews and AC/DC, who are turning out vintage pours

The best music, like the best food and wine, is mood-changing—and sometimes even consciousness-raising. Certain kinds of music lift you up like a fine Champagne; others make you feel as soft and mellow as a good Burgundy. (And some music, admittedly, leaves you with a headache and nausea, just like a bad wine.)

Wine and rock ‘n’ roll have more in common than might be immediately obvious. Both deliver pleasure in the moment, but often that’s the result of a long and painstaking process. Both involve a complexity and a kind of magic that you can never wholly explain. “Lightning in a bottle” may apply to both. Neither age nor youth guarantees success in either area. Some vintage rock acts seem to have become “corked” along the way, and we’ll have to see whether acts that are currently fresh and exciting will still be palatable in a few years’ time. Sometimes subtlety is the name of the game, but there are times when you want wine and your music to make a big splash and leave the taste buds and/or eardrums throbbing. [...] read more